My photos are not visible

After the most recent BB update, 1.5.0, and the previous version, photos used from the website’s media library are not visible front end.

This is a WP Engine staging site, so I cannot clear cache via WP Engine tools.

I will include a URL and Temp. Admin access below.


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Update: activating page builder, all of the photo modules were in place, but all of the photo modules were blank (no photo selected). I’m resetting each photo and size now.

But the Beaver Builder Template photos (the blurred conference table photo) is not not visible front end. This should be at the top of the page. And the text - Keep the House for All the right reasons - also not visible front end.

Hope I don’t have to re-set photos on all BB pages.

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I meant the home page is sorted. But the page I included above suffers from the original problem. I haven’t fixed the page above so you can see the issue front end and using page builder.

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Hi Kelly,

Sorry you’re having trouble.

First things first, the login you sent doesn’t seem to be working. Can you please double check that for us?

One thing to try would be to clear the Beaver Builder cache. Here’s a copy/paste from our FAQs on how to do that:

You’ll need to locate Beaver Builder’s cache folder. You can find this in your wp-content/uploads folder in either the fl-builder/cache or bb-plugin/cache folder depending on your install. Remove the cache folder and that’s it!

Are you building the site on the staging server, and or, is it being deployed between the staging and live server yet? I am curious if the deployment process is causing some of the issues? Can you explain that process a bit?

Lastly, are you positive this issue started after doing an update? Could there be anything else that might have caused it? New plugins or something like that? Let me know.


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This site hasn’t been changed - no new plugins.

Thanks Kelly. Just to confirm, did you try clearing the BB cache?

Not yet.

Can you give that a try first please? Let me know if it makes any difference. Thanks!

I’m exporting from the staging site to other WP installations. In retrospect, it was not a good decision to build on the WP Engine staging site.

But since this has most of my BB pages, until I export I’m a bit stuck

Does “Remove the cache folder” mean delete it?

Yup! It will either be




Just delete the cache folder and it will regenerate itself.

No joy - I deleted the BB cache folder from uploads. On the broken pages, photos are still missing (only the name of the photo is visible front end.

Hey Kelly,

So it looks like the site’s URL changed at some point. The images saved in Beaver Builder are using the vth.staging.wpengine domain. Forgive me as I am not too familiar with WP Engines staging/deployment process, but you may need to use a database search/replace script to fix the broken URLs. This is the one we always recommend because it handles serialized data very well:

When did you move from the vtx subdomain to hdhdemo? Did you initiate that change yourself, or was that part of WP Engine’s deployment?

If there are only a few images with this problem, it would probably be faster to just change them manually versus using the search/replace script. But it’s good to know about for future reference.

That makes sense. I exported/imported specific pages. But I didn’t import attachments which in retrospect is a huge (newbie) error.

You’re right - the problem is fixable manually and only 1.5 pages are broken.

No worries! Importing attachments should fix up that issue for the future and as long as it’s just a few images, I would definitely recommend just swapping them manually!

Glad we got it figured out! :slight_smile: