My Row Is Too Large To Edit

guys, PLEASE help, i am so frustrated, i am in the builder, but as you can see by the screen shot, the row’s editing options are not showing on the screen, seems like the row has become too large to show the editing options, i can’t edit anything with the row.

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Thanks for getting in touch! Took a quick look and the front page was created using Visual Composer which is why our modules are not functioning, the page itself was designed by VC’s shortcodes. Sorry to tell you this but the only way around this is to recreate the entire page; if you’re switching from VC, you will have to redo them using BB. You can download the images, texts etc. Then make a new page and recreate the page. Afterwards, delete the previous page. This shouldn’t be that hard though as you can easily these kinds of pages with BB.


thank you Jun.

Hey EngineeringRFQ,

Glad to have helped!