My site disappeared along with the BB theme

Someone said I had a broken link yesterday, so I went to my site and all that displayed was a white page and a message saying that the BB theme didn’t exist. I went into the Word Press dashboard, clicked on Appearance/themes and saw that the BB theme was broken. Once I clicked the theme, it vanished, and am now without a site at

This was custom-built by a developer long ago. When I searched for the Beaver Builder theme, nothing came up. I use Elementor for my other sites so it’s been a while since using Beaver Builder. This one is a bit of a legacy site, but I’d like to get it back. Any thoughts?

Your domain is associated with a user with a lot of domains so is likely the developer who created your site, you should contact him/her for updates to the plugin and theme.

Its likely you were using a child theme and the parent theme somehow got deleted.

Either way you need to get new copies of the plugin and theme and possibly the custom child theme if your developer created one, we have no way of knowing that. Or you can purchase your own copy of the plugin and theme.

Thank you. I restored to my latest backup which gave me access to the BB theme and child. I am the only admin with access so it is very odd that the theme became disabled and then disappeared. I have good security on the site from Siteground.

Regardless, all is now well.

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