My web designer used Beaver Builder - do I have to pay the subscription?

I hired a web designer who created a website using Beaver Builder. Those plugins need updates on a somewhat regular basis. Instead of having them log into my Wordpress account and updating them, is there a way to discontinue using Beaver Builder but maintain the design? What options do I have if the web designer goes out of business, do I then have to pay for these plugins? Any info / advice appreciated.

Hmm, plugins like Beaver Builder, most of the premium WP plugins actually, require a valid license to obtain updates and support, and are based on a renewable subscription, right?
That’s how the plugin’s devs live of their wotk…

So, with a plugin installed on your site but no valid license of your own, the plugin will continue to work but you won’t benefit of upgrades nor support, which can become problematic at some point.

So, yes, you’ll need to subscribe. :wink: