Named Anchor element invisible

I added an html element with a named anchor and some CSS, and maybe a rogue </div> that I think broke the beaver

the html element is now invisible, can’t delete or edit it, but it is still there you can see it in source code and it works on live site

The css is a little whacky {position:relative; top:-250px;} so I thought maybe it confused the varmint, but I deleted the css hoping it would return, but it didn’t help -

I thought maybe I had added an extra </div> but there are so many div tags it is impossible to figure that out. I was playing with various locations trying to get the negative css right but I think the css caused problems in original layouts

unfortunately the site is under construction so not too thrilled about providing access to look at it

is there a secret way to get at the html to edit it without going through the page builder?

any suggestions?


I had to recreate content and delete the older rows but it got rid of it

tail slapping now

Hey Wasana,

Thanks for posting! That’s the main problem with the HTML module, having an extra opening/closing div tag ruins the entire layout. I can only advise to be extremely cautious when dealing with those tags. Anyway, I’m glad you figured it out though! Have fun with BB! :slight_smile:


Hi -

When I found this:

I was like… <<censored glee>>

if you do a search for “fixed header anchor tag” or named anchor – there are dozens and dozens of long nerd threads debating the jquery/css/javascript solutions and all the reasons they don’t work to scroll to an anchor… and sample functions.php from Studiopress gurus that generate the white screen of death

Beaver Builder did it better, faster, smoother…


(that’s my new beaver shout out, Dam!)

Glad you liked that feature! :slight_smile: Feel free to snoop around our KB’s, you might find some more hidden gems. :slight_smile: