Navigating to anchor link on a different page


I’m trying to create an anchor link so it should click through to a specific part of the web page. How do I structure the link URL?



  • Add an ID to the page part you want to navigate to (row…): my-target
  • Create the link on another page and paste the targeted ID at the end of the URL:

Thanks! I’ve done that but it just goes to . DOsn;t scroll down to the ID. Can’t work out what I’m doing wrong!!

Can you provide a link to this page?


I’m trying to link the square images on the Home page to the corresponding topic on the Services page.

Well, on the destination page, you have a row with the ID organ and this ID is unique in the page (important), so an external link like should work.
Maybe there’s something preventing the window’s view from positioning to this row, i don’t know.
You should open a ticket at BB support.

Hi @leahkem, have you already try deactivating all plugins except for BB? See if you get the same problem. If the problem goes away, try reactivating the plugins one by one to see which plugin is causing the issue.

I see that link to #social on homepage MEDICAL ESCORT column is working: , if you click on, LEARN MORE +. But not if you load the page.

So most likely a plugin conflict.