Navigation video background

Hi guys,

Is there any way we can give the navigation a video background? Something like this:


Hey Stijnb,

Thanks for getting in touch! Actually, what’s happening there is that the header/nav background are set to transparent, placed a video background on the first row of his content and he moved it upwards. Are you using the BB theme?


Hi Ben, thanks for the quick reply. The screenshot I posted is not using BB. I am just testing a few things on a friend’s site and wanted to see what is possible.

So I am trying it with the BB theme to clafiry

Hey Stijnb,

Just making sure since you’re posting under General Questions. You can check this thread for the CSS needed to achieve that kind of layout.

Hope this helps!


Awesome, just a quick question before purchasing.

I am looking to use it for a hosted website service for clients. Are there any people using it that way that I can get in touch with to ask for their experience using it that way? Of course using the Agency plan

And do you offer vat-refunds for EU companies.

Thanks for the great support.

Hey Stijnb,

I have already assigned another member of the team to assist you further.


Hi Stijnb,

Thanks for your interest! Re. The hosted website service, that is totally possible using our Agency version. In terms of other users already doing this, and are two that are live at the moment. I know there are several others, but can’t quite remember the URL or users. Re. Vat, we don’t collect Vat at the moment so somewhat of a moot point there if that makes sense. :slight_smile: