Need help changing link of instagram widget

I am this restaurant’s social media manager and am relatively new to coding and web design. The person who built the website previously is no longer a contact.

Here is my problem page: Social - Rye River Social

You’ll see the gold follow button widget (of sorts?) for Instagram, but the link is broken. How do I go about changing this link? I’ve tried other widgets, but I like the appearance of this button created by the last web person more.

Screenshot of what the HTML looks like:

All the info is blank for all style and advanced settings tabs, so there’s not much else for me to go off of in troubleshooting.

I appreciate any help - thanks!!

Hi there,

The plugin for that button is Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin. It’s a very good premium plugin.

Make sure it’s installed and up to date.

Make sure the licensing is current. The prior dev probably disabled your site, so it won’t work until it is re-licensed and the proper credentials are installed.

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