Need Help Changing Permalink

I am new to Beaver Builder and having challenges with my permalinks. I manage a single website through WordPress and use Beaver Builder. In previous versions I could just go to page settings and change the page permalink to whatever I wanted, but that does not appear to be the case now. The page currently reads as I want to change it to read How do I do that?

Maybe here?

Thanks for the article. Basically it was a really lengthy explanation about permalinks, and if I understand correctly, I can’t just click and rename the permalink at any time. That is a HUGE bummer! It also appears it is now a huge time suck to work around the system rather than just a few clicks. Very disappointing!

Looks like permalinks are working for your site now.

Usual reasons for them not working is either the mod_rewrite module is not installed or enabled in apache, or if using nginx you are using the wrong try line in the config file.

Hey Tony, you can change the permalink. From your description it sound like you want to have the permalink show as post name. Just go into WP Settings -> Permalinks and select your format.