Nested Accordions

Hi. Is it possible to nest accordions using BB? I’d like to have several sections on a ‘resources’ page like this

+ Article 1
+ Article 2
+ Newsletter 1
+ Newsletter 2
+ Stuff 1
+ Stuff 2

I’d like the Main Sections to be collapsed and the underlying titles to show when each collapsed section is clicked.


Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, that is currently not possible with BB. However, it has been requested by the community and we’re reviewing for future development. I don’t have a timeline on that as we are working on several other really important features/enhancements to release this year. Sorry I don’t have a better answer there, but if you need something quick, I would probably recommend trying to find a different plugin or code resource to accomplish what you are looking to do.


thanks for your response. i was using a shortcodes ultimate (a very cool plugin, btw) but the latest WP update broke some of the functionality.

Yes, I’ve heard of that one in these forums quite a bit and people love it. That’s a bummer on the update, I’m sure they’ll have a fix out soon though since it is pretty popular!