New bug i found not sure what to do now.

Just tossing up a quick few pages on a site and playing with the alignment of text over a parallax image and now i can not get to the settings.

Here is how to recreate.

Add image set to parallax go and change the text (homepage template with cell phone i removed cell phone) and i was trying to move text up into place in sky area so i ended up using -300 to get it to move up then -250 for the second line of smaller text.

I see now that when i go to cell view it is all messed up that is not the problem i am guessing i should of not used -300.

The problem is now when i got to edit that text when i roll over the text the edit box i need to click on the setting shows up 300 pix below the text so when i move my mouse down to click on it it disapeares as the mouse is no longer over the text … so i have no way go back in to edit this text or change the settings for it ???.

This is the site i am playing with.


Hi Edward,

I’m not at my computer and it’s hard to visualize what’s happening, but in my experience this kind of stuff tends to happen when using such large negative values for margins. And I’m not just talking about Beaver Builder.

I would try to delete the whole row, then add it back in again.

Let us know if that works for you.