New plugin: Accessible Modules for Beaver Builder

Hey BB Friends!

Today my company Unity Web Agency is launching a brand new product called Accessible Modules for Beaver Builder – 10 ready-to-use building blocks to make your WordPress website more accessible.

We started building this plugin about 3 years ago and have been using it internally for client projects pretty consistently. We recently decided to package it up and share with the community!

The modules are made exclusively for Beaver Builder, WCAG-aligned, and intended for creatives who want to make accessible websites with little to no coding experience.

For the next two weeks, you can use the coupon code A11YLAUNCH to get 25% off the original price!

As fellow Beaver-Builders, we greatly value your opinions and feedback! We created a special offer just for this community.

In addition to our limited-time launch discount, the first 15 Beaver Builders who use the coupon code A11YLOVESBB will receive a whopping 50% discount!

Learn more at

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Congrats on the product launch! :partying_face:

@unitymakesus It is not super clear from the sales website of copy anywhere if this is a single website licence product for the price or if we can use it on all our BB sites?

In the Terms & Conditions it mentions ‘websites’ plural so I take that to mean we can use our licence it on unlimited websites we own is that correct?

Permitted Websites: You may only use your License on websites that you own or manage.

IMHO your pricing is too high.

Hi @Gareth thanks for the question! Each license key is limited to one website. We are working on plans to create a developer license that can be activated on unlimited websites.

Hi @craiger522 we have a coupon code for 50% off if you’re interested in a discounted price! A11YLOVESBB