New Resize columns feature and mobile / responsive design


I love the ability to resize the column widths in the new Beaver Builder 1.6.4 but have an issue with the responsive design.

For example I change a 2 column row to 60% and 40% respectively and it looks great on a desktop but when narrowing down the browser width at around 991px the left column stays at 60% and the right column snaps underneath displaying at 100%. This leaves a gap on the right side of screens (Mainly tablets really). This 60% column snaps to 100% only after I change the browser width to less than 768px (mobile version)

So between 769px & 991px there is a 40% gap on the right of the screen.

At less than 991px I can see the style “fl-col-small” change to 100% which is good but the larger column “fl-col” stays at 60% ??

Is there anyway to fix this issue? I have changed the left column widths to 66%, 75% and it still doesn’t display correctly between 768px & 991px (Tablets size)

I hope you can help.

Hey Ray,

Welcome to BB forums! :slight_smile: Are you by chance using our Beaver Builder Theme? I tried replicating the issue using our Beaver Builder Theme but it seems everything is displaying correctly. Could you probably provide us your Website URL for us to have a better look at your issue?



Thanks for replying. Yes. I have just uploaded the WP site to show you. I use the ULTIMATE theme which is a universal, flexible framework. It doesn’t look like it has to do with it but you never know.

I hope you can figure it out - thanks.

I am creating a DEMO site and the URL that has the issue is;

If you want I can create a userID and password so you can access the admin.

Thanks again.

Hey Ray,

You’ll definitely speed things up if you can share temp admin access.



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Hey Ray,

No worries, only forum moderators and above, and the thread starter can see that post. Checking the site right now.



Hey Ray,

This is caused by the custom styling you’ve applied to your theme. Check the screenshot below for reference.

If you want the 60% column to go 100% on tabs(<992px), head over to the column settings and set it to have a custom width when it reaches the Medium breakpoint. If you want the layout be the same on tabs then remove the custom CSS you have above.


I’m REALLY sorry Ben (and embarrassed). I thought I removed that style ages ago. Thanks for picking it up for me. Works great now so please close this call.

I just want to say that I am SOOOOO happy I purchased Beaver Builder, not only for the amazing quality of the product and it’s ease of use but for the security and confidence I have in the support if I need it. There is not too many software programs that I would say that about and is quite rare in this day and age.

Whatever your doing, just keep on doing it :slight_smile: you have a very loyal customer here.


Thanks so much for the kind words Ray! :slight_smile: That means a lot.

Hey Ray - I’m an Ult user to and hope you don’t mind me butting in on your post.

I’ve just started using BB and I am really loving it.
Have you had any issues with styling blog/news posts using BB or does everything seem to work okay on your install?


Hey Mark, No problems at all - Good to hear from you :slight_smile:

I just use the basics of both systems and I try and create simple, stylish responsive websites that focuses on functionality rather than lots of bells and whistles. I say this because I am not an advanced user of either system.

I find that BB & the Ultimate framework work GREAT together in regards to formatting, styling and general use. I feel really confident that I made the correct decisions in choosing these important themes and editor. Especially that it’s easy for customers to make changes and for me to create new websites. I think the combination is great (and I’m really fussy when it comes to these types things). I also feel that both companies are going to last and not disappear which is a big fear of mine. The support is great for both :slight_smile:

I am a web designer and so don’t take these decisions lightly. I wish you all the best :slight_smile: