Newbie question

Hey guys. I recently Upgraded.
What is the difference between the pro and standard BB plugin. I don’t see the difference when I load it.

I only see the different in the customizer when I use the theme. Thanks!

One possibility would be to check the differences on BB’s website or in the WordPress Plugins directory. There are quite some.

Regards, Leo

Hi Jeremiah,

The only difference in the plugin itself is the Multisite capability. From the website:

Multisite Support includes additional functionality so the Beaver Builder plugin works properly on WordPress Multisite installations.

You will not see any visual difference; all the modules are the same.

As you mention, with the Pro version, you also get the BB Theme.


Hey Jeremiah,

Lyle would be correct. The only difference between the Standard and Pro is the latter having the BB theme and is multisite capable.