NextGen Gallery Shortcode Insertion and Functions

I’ve been trying to add NextGen Gallery shortcodes into the Beaver Builder Tabs and Accordions. I am not having much luck.

NextGen is available to insert via shortcodes into pages but not in the editors within the Tabs or Accordions. So, I added the NextGen gallery to a page, then copied the HTML code (it’s not a shortcode) into the Tab content. It works until you make any other edit to the page and it renders the gallery invalid.

Inserting photo galleries into accordions and tabs is a much needed function within BB. If the BB team at least made the NextGen shortcode tool available in these editors at least there would be an easy solution.

You can see the 3 tabs I want to insert the galleries into…

Hey Carl! Sorry you’re having trouble with this. I did some quick testing, and I was able to use the NextGen gallery shortcode in the Accordion module. Can you elaborate a bit more on the issue you’re having there?

Also, if you can provide a temporary admin login to your site, we’d be happy to jump in and take a look.

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Hey Carl! You’re right that we remove the NextGen button from the editor, but you can still use their shortcodes. You’ll just need to build the shortcodes by hand. I tested this out on a local site, and the galleries seem to be rendering fine. You can reference this help document from NextGen on how to create those shortcodes:

Let me know if you think this will work for you! Thanks!

Hi Robby,

That seems to be working now! thank you very much!


Excellent! No problem at all :slight_smile: