No dropdown in menu?

Brand new to BB, so apologies if I’m missing something. Have looked and looked, but cannot seem to find the answer. Child pages are not showing on hover in the menu. The pages are as you see here screenshot.
The site is here

Hi Mikeki,

I have viewed your site and you appear to have over 40 403 forbidden errors. I recommend you contact your web host provider and ask them to investigate. As these errors are likely causing the drop down menu to function correctly. These issues will also most likely cause WordPress to not work as intended as well.


Thanks. Can you tell me, please, how to see the same thing you saw? What did you do
to see/find them?

If I switch themes to Twenty Sixteen, the menu functions correctly.

Hey Mikekl,

I’ll post on a separate private reply a screenshot of the errors. I believe what’s happening is you don’t have read/write access to certain directories where the BB assets are saved. You can show the error to your hosting company, it should be of great help to them. :slight_smile:


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Webhost support found one file with incorrect permissions. Seems fixed, thanks!

Hi Mikeki,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thank you for informing us, we appreciate it.