No response / some page content missing

Hi - I updated a client site to the latest WordPress and updated plugins. Now when I go to the site some pages are missing content/images that I built using BB. When I go into another page that is showing content - I am unable to edit using the BB, I am unable to click on anything.
I have disabled all the plugins but still have the same problem. I have uploaded the latest BB Plugin. I am using a Genesis theme.

I currently have a Maintenance Mode page enabled on the site while I am troubleshooting this.

Hi Janis,

Can you provide temp admin access, please? So we can take a closer look.


Today I restored the site back to previous setting and the older WP 4.42. Today the site looks like it is supposed to and now the BB plugin editor is now working! I made a back-up copy of the site.
I went to upgrade to WP 4.5. Bam. Lost content on the pages with gallery images and BB editor not working.

Because this is a live site, I have to restore back to 4.42.

Can you help tell me how to clone this site and give you temp access to help me figure this out?

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Hey Janis,

It looks like your theme’s JS is throwing an error and breaks the builder. Take a look at the screenshot below for reference.

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I’m not seeing the same error on the live URL so it most likely is another issue with the new jQuery version that comes with WP4.5. Try getting in touch with the theme authors and see what they have to say.