No Success action on iOS on Subscribe Form


Having an issue with Subscribe form and the success action as a ‘show message’ for iOS - tested on iPhone 6.

On submit the message is not shown and you are left on the page with a ‘Please Wait’… as the text in the submit button.

Site currently tested - - (but working to fix it)

Using bb 1.7.3

Hey Neil,

I just tried placing a Subscribe Form module on our live dev site, visited it on an iPhone 6, and the success message shows up fine. Have you tried any other phones? Does it only happen on the iPhone 6?


Hi Ben,

Yes I also ran it on a test dev server and was ok - this is hosting out of my control - any thoughts on what may be causing it, so I can suggest something to their host provider.


Hi Neil,

Is it possible for you to provide temp admin access, please? If so, do you permit us to install a plugin so we can see the server configuration?


Hi Danny/Ben,

This is now resolved - client was using it on a forwarded domain which was causing the issue - instead I redirected the domain to the source and is working as expected.


Hey Neil,

Glad you figured it out, and thanks for taking the time to inform us! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: