No Update Issue

Hi, i have some BB instalations for a few clients, but recently i have 2 sites where i cant Update theplugin from to the recently version. My WP installation is already updated, can you help me?

Just upload via FTP if it doesn’t work for them sites in the meantime maybe reactivate your license key for them sites. Make a backup of course :slight_smile:

Thks for you answer :slight_smile: … So, are a download avaible of the lastest version, then i can upload this via ftp?

Yes just download the latest version if you can. Perform a backup before hand just in case.

Hey Cristhian,

Welcome to BB forums! :slight_smile: You’ll need to deactivate/delete the version you have now, download the latest version(Currently from your account on our site and upload/activate it. Let us know if you need anything further!