Not able to add any pictures from the Media Library

I am using Wordpress 3.9.1 with the Automator theme.
I am not able to choose any pictures from the Media Library via the Link “Select Photo” in the Builder Module “Photo”. The Media Library opens in the background but the Page Builder form remains the top window, making it impossible tho choose a picture. The same happens in the “Slideshow” and “Content Slider” modules. This happens in Chrome as well as in Firefox (both are the current versions).

Screenshot (MediaLibrary remains in the background)

Hi Frank! Thanks for letting us know about this and sorry for the trouble. This bug came about after our last update. We call these “whack-a-mole” issues; fix one and another one pops up in it’s place =D. We are releasing an update today that will fix this bug! If you have a second, let me know if the update solves the problem for you. Thanks!

Thank you Robby! The update solved the problem, at least with the “Content slider”. I didn’t test the other modules yet.
You have an excellent customer service. Thumbs up.