Not able to Add Content

Dear Forum Members,

I don’t know what has happened but we are no longer able to add content to a page via BB.

The BB Plugin has worked well so far. When editing a page via ‘pagebuilder’, BB loads excrutiatingly slow and the view we get is different from the past: we don’t seem to have rows that we can add content to.

Even when we simply add content, the content appears but then cannot be saved.

If we click ‘done’, we don’t get the option to ‘publish/discard/duplicate’ the page.

We did not have this issue until recently and I suspect there was a BB update in the meantime.

Can you help to resolve this ?

This is our setup:
WP 4.3.1 / WooC 2.4.7 / Genesis 2.2.2 / BB Version

Many thanks,


Hey Pairfum,

This is usually caused by a 3rd party plugin conflict. Let’s have you go through the plugin deactivation route, i.e., disable all plugins and test the Beaver Builder while reactivating each to determine if the issue is related to a 3rd party plugin. Let us know how it goes!


Hi Ben,

Many thanks for your reply.

Are there some types of plugins that you suspect ? It would allow me to focus on these first before combing through all of them.

I don’t remember that we recently added any new plugins.

With kind regards,


Hey Pairfum,

Sorry but I don’t really have something like that since the number of the WP plugins out there is tremendous. We do have a small list of incompatible plugins but really, any plugin could interfere with how BB works.


Dear Ben,

The problems were caused by a plugin called ‘autoptimise’. When I deactivated this plugin, all was back to normal.

It might be worth adding this plugin to your list of incompatible ones.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind regards,


Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: