Not able to edit modules or row containing modules

Using shortcode within text editor populate a conference schedule. When I initally put the page together it will work fine. After I hit publish I am able to then click the permalinks for each session to open a new page. However, when I return to the schedule page none of the permalinks are there. When I then go into BB to try and mess with the modules - none of the modules on the page will highlight to be able to edit. I have tried to delete the page and remake it, opened on another browser, etc. and keep running in the same problem.

So it seems like the page just breaks every time but the shortcode should not be breaking the page should it? Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Messing with it more I have tried adding the shortcode to a heading module instead and that seems to work. However, the permalinks still go away after I click one and go back to the page/refresh the page/re-enter the page.

I’ve found if I shrink the browser window to initiate the responsive editing to tablet & mobile view - everything works perfectly well. So seems to be only an issue with the desktop mode?

Hope this extra info helps figure out what is causing this issue.

You have a lot of unclosed HTML elements so the builder JS is probably having a hard time finding the real elements because others are not closed properly

How would I fix this? I have not entered or edited any html at all.

I have started from scratch with a new blank page. Added the header image, the global footer and then I added the Heading Module, typed the name of the week and then added the shortcode next to the heading. ( here is the shortcode i am using if it’s helpful - [wpcs_schedule date=“2022-11-02” color_scheme=“light” session_link=“permalink” layout=“grid”] )

Once I publish I can click on a link once in desktop view and be taken to the session page. But, if I refresh or when I return from the session page then the whole page breaks and when I go into the BB editor I can’t access anything on the page.

Maybe the shortcode you are using is producing the broken markup or one of the 4 text modules.

Safemode should help. Or wrap the shortcode in out [fl-safe] shortcode, we added it for people that use broken form code from 20 years ago.

You can read about safemode and the safe shortcode here: Safe Mode | Beaver Builder Knowledge Base

Okay I just did that. Was able to delete the modules and start again and then the same thing happened.
The shortcode is for the Wordpress Conference Schedule plugin. Are you saying I can not use this shortcode from this plugin on your theme?

Can you have multiple modules containing shortcodes on a single page?

No. What im saying is, your plugin might be outputting invalid markup and jquery is looking for elements on the page for the controls but if for example a div is left open then the whole page is one big div as far as JS sees it. Thats why I suggested using the fl-safe shortcode, we added it specifically for issues like this where inserted code or shortcodes etc produce invalid markup that blows up the builder UI.

I do not have a background in coding or developing so I don’t know anything about jquery, div, or JS. I do have a basic understanding of your point.
I used the safe mode to fix the page so I could start over and re-enter the modules and such. But, it still breaks like I said before, when I have multiple modules with similar shortcode. Safemode doesn’t render out the shortcodes so I can see how it’s helpful to go in a fix a broken page but it doesn’t actually fix my problem.
It seems from some quick googling that having multiple shortcodes on one page might be an issue but others differ from that opinion too.

Use the fl-safe shortcode with your shortcode, it will stop your shortcode from working when the builder is open.

ok. That doesn’t fix my problem but thanks.

Well seeing as your site has a license, id first suggest updating bb-plugin and Themer and updating the theme they are all years out of date, then open a ticket with official support. Only so much you can do in a community forum.