Off Canvas Menu?

I’m trying to get the add-on menu Super Fly working with BB Theme and Builder
I have a clients site that requires an off canvas menu all the time
My main issue is that the Super Fly menu works OK, but how can I retain the header with the logo, but NOT have the menu display?
I will create another entry with site details and login
Cheers, Dave

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Hey Dave,

We could either hide the menu via CSS or remove it from the theme file directly. I would recommend the latter. To do so, simply copy the nav-bottom.php file under /bb-theme/includes/ to your child theme and make sure to place it inside the same directory. Open up the file, and delete lines 18-40, and save. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben - I’ll give that a go and report back - cheers, Dave

No worries! And yes, we’d appreciate that. :slight_smile:


Update: Hi Ben, ignore that, it was nav-right.php that needed editing! All sorted!

Hi Ben,
I just got around to doing this, and easy to do, but not seeing a change ?
I cleared the BB cache, that made no difference.
The nav-bottom.php is in the child themes includes folder, and I can see it is clearly edited as the file size is roughly half that of the original.
Any clues ?

TIA, Dave

No worries at all, Dave! And glad to hear you got it to work. :slight_smile:

Have fun!