Offer easy-access tablet and mobile BB settings

Hi Justin,

I know you get many feature requests - but I thought I’d reach out to you and make a suggestion for your consideration for a future update.

At the moment it is really hard to edit a BB site for mobile or tablet. The tools for creating a site for desktop is beautiful - but the fact that more and more people access a website via mobile it’s becoming more important to also create sites that work on tablets and mobile as well.

My suggestion:

  • Have desktop / tablet / mobile icons in top bar in edit mode (or under tools section)
  • have portrait and landscape layout modes for tablet and mobile
  • be able to change layout for each of these using the BB builder (with modules) (same as desktop) - when it gets to these sizes/breakpoints it changes to layout

At the moment the only way to do this and see what is happening is to use something like CCS Hero. However i feel that having this ability in BB will take it to the next level and be the best all-round builder for sites and mobiles.

Out of all possible new features, i feel this is potentially the most important and all-round beneficial to the BB community.

Justin, would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate it!

However, so you request gets seen, is it possible for you to post this on our UserVoice, please?


I’ve added this to uservoice.

Thanks Dennis, we appreciate you taking the time to post this.