Offtopic: Need Suggestions & Ideas

I have a small Houston-based computer shop where I offer all kind of accessories, including gaming system, PCs and laptops for homes and offices, and more. Despite all of the material, the sale is not satisfying. So here I’m looking for suggestions regarding growing my sales. Kindly share some ideas that can help me improve my overall business

Hey markwood, I have some suggestions/best practices, if possible follow these suggestions hopefully these will improve your business.

  1. Offer some less time consuming and less cost work to customers for free.
  2. Understand customers needs
  3. Let customers try before the buy
  4. If possible offer an predefined free exchange/return policy to customers
  5. Create an engaging relation with customers
  6. Ensure your online presence. It can be on search engines or on social platforms.
  7. Offer mobile ordering if possible.
    These are some best practices which might be improve your business. Best of luck.