Onsite advertising management systems

I’m running Beaver Builder with the Beaver Builder Theme/Child theme.

I’ve got two community sites I’m setting up and on there I wish to get some paid display advertising going. Not the kind from advertising feed systems but self created adverts, which will come from businesses with products to sell to a targeted audience.

Can anyone recommend a system to manage this. (eg. clients booking advert space, taking payments, rotating/scheduling advertising etc.)

I’m looking at getting something from a trusted source. I know there’s tons of stuff on things like themeforest etc. But always a bit wary of the quality from such places.

And of course it must play well with Beaver Builder.

If anyone has something like this set up, what are you using?

Hey Petrik,

I’m leaving this out for the community. :slight_smile: Also, feel free to ask the same question over to the BB FB Group and/or Slack Channel. We have more active users there than here. :slight_smile: