Open link in new windows and with specific height and width

hi there,
i put an image in first page of my site and set a html link .
i did not do this directly to reduce http requests.
my question is this:
by clicking on image, how can open html page in new windows height:500 weight:500?
check clickable image in below of my website here

Hi, you mean something like this?

I made an image module and in the link I put:‘’,null,‘height=750,width=400’);

Make sure to use single quotes, as BB uses double quotes around the link.

This is a quick way. A better way to do it, maybe, is to create a JS function in the custom js and call that.

hi thanks for reply.
that’s answer but explain how.
can you please say simply? can i use beaver builder for this or i need coding?
i need that flower page that you made also minimized when clicked from a button in home page.
this is my page

Hi Gymarket,

I created an image module and put this in the link field

De method has a lot of options. You’ll find them here:

Good luck, Jelmer

hi i put that in my image’s link i got this error:
is there other way to not use of js?


no, popup blockers will block popups, it’s their job. You can just open the link in another tab (just use a normal link with target _blank). But if you want to create a popup window, a real window that is, then you need JS. And you will have trouble with popup blockers.

Best thing to do for you is to rethink the setup. Why not just make a landing page with the image, and a click on the image (and probable some “continue” text) will go to /home or something, which is the real front page.