Option to disable auto scrollToElement functionality

I love Beaver Builder and find most things in it so easy - thank you!

Many of the sites I build have hidden sections/elements that I need to show/hide based on user clicks on buttons/triggers/links. I can script this in without major hassle, but I find that the auto _scrollToElement method causes extra scrolling around the page, especially if the element being clicked is triggering the display of a hidden section which can’t be scrolled to.
I’d love a handy class or option to disable this scrollToElement feature on an as-needed basis, while leaving it as default for most links.

No input on this one yet, posting it here in case I got the wrong forum the first time as this is still an important issue.


Im closing this topic as you have another already opened regarding the same issue. Please, refrain from creating multiple topics asking the same question.

You can see my response in the other topic.