Ordering Columns on Mobile View


I’m wondering how I can change the order of which column displays first when in mobile view. I still would like to display both columns regardless of device type.


Hey Andrew,

Unfortunately, changing the order of columns on mobile isn’t possible at this time. You are welcome to add that as a feature request though if you like and we’ll take a look at some point!


That is too bad. Ok will do.

Hi Andrew, this isn’t possible yet because of the way bb hardcodes the column width & ordering data when you create new columns.

A work around for now is to create a duplicate row which you set to display only on mobile devices - and has your correct positioning. It’s dirty, it won’t display nicely on old devices and means you’ll have to double up any edits you make - but at least it’s a fix for now.

I’d like to see a feature of ALL BB modules to ‘Convert to raw html module.’ Where all of it becomes a html module and you can then go in and change things like column offsets and things like that. BB uses the Bootstrap grids template code as a base I believe.