Output BB template using Shortcode?

I would like to be able to display on the frontend, a BB created layout or saved template. The BB layout / template would be stored in a centralized public CPT that BB has been enabled on and those CPT posts would become reusable snippets.

The contents of these BB template posts could then be inserted into the content area of any 3rd party plugin. An accordion or tab, for example.

Being able to design in BB and display anywhere (within reason - widgets make no sense) would let people use more of the plugins they may already have while leveraging the awesome power of BB too.

If this is currently not possible, I would like some guidance / pointers / code on how I might go about adding this functionality myself.

Thanks for your time!

Just to clarify in case it isn’t initially clear, I only need assistance with how to directly / programmatically output (render) a BB layout / template / content area to the page via a shortcode so it may be used with wp standards compliant / well coded 3rd party plugins as well.

I have the rest of what was mentioned covered, of course. The additional verbosity of my inquiry was aimed at providing context and potential use case information only.

Having gone through the module docs and examples, I’ve found that it is pretty easy. Things just make sense. The modules I’ve created worked as intended without much head scratching. Great job! :slight_smile:

Hey OdysseyForge,

You can render BB content anywhere using the_content() function. You must use that function as BB hooks into it using the_content filter to output the layout.

The issue with doing that is that BB won’t know to load in any scripts or styles as it checks for BB enabled posts in the main loop to do that. In order to have those loaded for arbitrary posts, you’ll have to look at the fl_builder_global_posts filter on this page…


Let me know if you have any questions about that. I’m glad to hear creating a custom module worked well for you!