Overlaping Colums

I am a visual designer without code and I am trying to achieve this look. Any help would be appreciated.

I’m a total newb, so I’m hoping someone much smarter replies to your question, but…I use negative margins in this situation. However, I don’t know how to control which column ends up “in front.” So, for instance, if you wanted instead to make the photo’s column overlap the text column. :thinking:

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There are probably a few ways to do this, depending on experience with css. But I think you could get by with negative margins and using z-index to determine the stacking order. You will need to add a custom class in each column’s advanced settings tab, and add some custom css. Since there is no mention of what theme is being used, the Customizer > Custom CSS is the best place to put your css.

Here’s an article on using z-index: z-index | CSS-Tricks

You will probably need to make some adjustments to the negative margins for mobile.

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Yeah, I have hoping that was a way to do this without css as I am not proficient with css.