Override Core Templates Filter?


This question is in regards to this feature here: https://kb.wpbeaverbuilder.com/article/92-replace-built-in-layout-templates-with-your-own

So I have this setup, and it’s pulling in the custom templates from the source site just fine. My question is what if we want to filter out (not include) a few specific layouts? Let’s say I have 10 layout templates on my source site that are syncing up to all my subsites. But I only want 8 of them to sync, is there a way to choose certain templates to be “opted out” of the override?

Hopefully I explained that properly. Thank you.

Edit: Just thought of another question. I can’t seem to get the dropdown of the template categories/groups to show like in the first screenshot of the above article. Any ideas as to what I could be missing? I have added the templates to a category and given them a featured image.


As far as I am aware it isn’t possible to exclude specific templates, but can’t you just remove them?

To add them to the dropdown in the BB UI, did you add your custom templates to a category?