Override thumbnails size in Gallery Module just for one module instance

Hi, Gallery module has Collague and Thumbnails mode in settings. Collague is not grid perfect and it’s fine so Thumbnails is the best options if I want grid perfect gallery. The issue is Thumbnails always load thumbnails image size and crop those images. I need to put a logos gallery and cropping logos is not an option.

There’s a way in which I can override thumbnails image size and user full-size image? An action, a filter, anything? Overwrite and modify module is my last resource because I’m using the module in other galleries in which thumbnail default behavior is fine.

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I believe the only way to change the image sizes in the thumbnail layout is to override the core module. :frowning:

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Ugh, how bad. I have multiple galleries and only the galleries with logos is the one I don’t want to crop like thumbnails do. Perhaps I need to clone the module and create a new one without overriding default module.

Thank you very much Danny!

It is strange that there are no filters to change the sizes. Therefore, i’ve gone ahead and added this to our bug tracker for developer review. :slight_smile:

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About two years ago, that module did have a settling to choose the image size. But at some point, it disappeared (BB 2.0?). I think it’s an important function and hope it’s put back. Thanks!

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Yes. I agree. The module should implement the image size setting. Not always, a masonry collague is the best gallery display option. In fact, I use the grid gallery more often than a collague gallery and not be able to choose image size it’s an important issue for me.

Glad to see at least the question become a request in the bug tracker :smiley:


This is something I’m interested in too - either this or an option to allow only 1 column in the Collage option for the Gallery module.