Overriding the default margins for heading modules


I am writing some CSS to assign default margins for h1- h6 Tags.

This works fine if I target the text modules:

.fl-rich-text h3.fl-heading {
	margin-top: 40px;

But when I try to target the heading module, some global settings seem to overwrite my margins. The solution only works when I add the !important:

.fl-module-content h3.fl-heading {
	margin-top: 40px  !important;

The problem is that if I use the !important, that keeps me from customizing margins on an individual level, so that is not a solution for me.

Therefore I am trying to figure out what is overriding these margins for the heading modules. Does anybody know where it comes from and how I could eliminate it?


  • I have set the Beaver Builder Global Margins to zero, but I think that shouldn’t have any impact as the text module adjustments work fine.
  • I am using a Genesis theme, but I don’t think that can be the cause because the text modules are working.