Page Builder Gallery not sticking after Publishing

Hi Guys,

First, still LOVING this plugin. I have spent the last 2 days creating a site for a client where he just gave me someone else’s site to model off of, and it was easy to create due to the plugin. thanks!

So, I am having an issue today that I can’t figure out. I am trying to put a gallery in a page, and it’s not staying, and then the other layout around it gets moved around as well.

I am on latest version of builder, I have deactivated any of the plugins I think would be a conflict, and don’t know where to go from here.

Can you give me direction on what I should do to fix?


Jeez. Now I started a new page, and it seems to be working.

on this new test page, I started with a blank layout, added the gallery, and then applied my layout template and saved and it saved right.

Now, here is the weird thing, when I go back and edit the gallery to add more pictures, not all of the pictures that are in my media area are showing up to be able to select them.

So, in addition to the missing media photos, is there a certain process or steps that I should go through when applying templates or building pages?


Hi Bryan! Sorry you’re having an issue. I am trying to recreate this on my dev site, but it’s not happening. Is there any chance you could provide me with a login to experiment on your install? Let me know if that’s doable, if not, we’ll look into other options. Thanks!

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Hey Bryan. Is this on the FastLine Test Page that I created? I am not seeing the additional photos. Is this when you edit the gallery from the page builder? I was able to edit the gallery and add more photos. This is bizarre. What browser and operating system do you use?

Hi Robby,

Yes, this is bizarre, cause I just went back in to the test page you created, and now I can see all 10 of the photos I had uploaded!! weird. the other day, there were 3 missing, I swear.

Plus, on my property details template, I just added a gallery on that as well, and it worked and I was able to see all of the pictures.

So, I guess it’s working. I am going to be making that layout into a saved template, and I will see how that goes.

thanks for the follow up. Sorry that it’s so strange. I don’t think I am doing anything differently.

Huh, that is odd. Just for the record, what browser are you using? I am glad everything is working, but let me know if you run into any more peculiarities. Seems like there is something going on.

Sorry, I meant to put that in… I am using Chrome, Version 38.0.xxxxx

I will keep an eye on this to see if we have any more gallery issues.

Bryan, that sounds good. I am going to mark this topic as resolved, but please let us know if you run into any more issues.