Page Builder is locked up

Page Builder is locked up on my site, i.e., cannot get anything to work, although I was not having any issues with it until this morning – after using it for several days. I uninstalled and reinstalled;I logged out of the site, and logged back in; I tried it on various browsers – nothing has made a difference. So I went in and purchased the $99 standard version; installed that and uninstalled the free version; and still I cannot get anything to work. Any suggestions?

Hey Pam,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Issues like this are usually caused by a 3rd party plugin conflict. Let’s have you go through the plugin deactivation route first, i.e., disable all plugins and test the Beaver Builder while reactivating each to determine if the issue is related to a 3rd party plugin.

Let us know how it goes!