Page Builder issues

From what I’ve seen on videos and screenshots on other peoples websites after they’ve downloaded and installed the plugin they have a link on their wordpress header to the right of the new post button labeled “Page Builder”.

After a long search for any solutions I found nothing relating to my problem, I found that after going to one of my pages for editing I had a page builder tab on that page.


While this allows me to use beaver builder for /that/ page it doesn’t help the matter of not having access to the page builder from the header toolbar.

Which from what I’ve seen should be found up here Header Toolbar

I’m asking to know so that I can edit my Home page which I’m currently unable to do because I don’t have the page builder option available from the home page.

Any helpful suggestions or explanations would be appreciated.

Hi Amber,

The Page Builder link in the toolbar is presented on any page where the Page Builder was used. That is, once you have finished editing the page with BB then Publish or Discard Changes, that link will be there.

It is not present on the toolbar when in any other area of the Dashboard. This is normal behavior.

To edit your Home page using BB, do as you would for any other page … open that page with the Page Builder link in the All Pages list or the Page Builder tab from the page editor :slight_smile:


Hey Amber & Lyle,

Ya know, this is actually an odd behavior. The link should be there regardless of whether you’ve used the builder on that page before.

I wonder if there’s another plugin, or some CSS, that’s hiding the button? If you can set us up with a temporary admin login, I’d be happy to take a look for you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Robby & Amber,

Unless I am totally misunderstanding Amber’s question (a distinct possibility :slight_smile: ), I have never seen the link in the toolbar anywhere other than on a page that has just been edited with PB.

I put together a quick screencast to illustrate my perspective:

I should note too that I activated my licence for BB on this demo site.


But won’t it only be there when you are in a page?
It makes no sense for it to be in the admin when you are on the dashboard! (what would it do? How would it know what page to load?)

Hey all. The page builder link should show up in the admin bar when you’re on the front end of a page. It won’t show up when you’re anywhere in the admin panel; it will only show up in the front end. I may have misunderstood the original question.

Amber, is this all making sense? Is the link showing up when you are viewing a page? That is the normal behavior.