Page Builder Problems after Update

Hi there,

I just updated to the latest version of the BB plugin and I cannot edit modules. BB Page Builder opens, but when I click to edit a module the loading line remains on the screen indefinately. Error console says: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)

I’ve disabled all plugins and re-activated one by one- it seems to be linked to WPML Multilingual CMS =(

they were working together yesterday! Need the WPML plugin!

Hey Jessica,

Does the problem happen when you edit just any modules at all on any page? Do you think you can share temp admin access to the site so we can check? You can post the details here using the private reply option below.


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Hi Jessica,

Is it possible for you to disable the WooCommerce Product Slider plugin, please? As that is causing a JS issue which may be the cause of your issue. Then see if you still encounter the issue.

I would have done this myself, but I wasn’t comfortable performing this action without your permission first.


Hi Danny,

I noticed that as well, but unfortunately even with that plugin disabled the issue persists as long as the WPML CMS plugin is activated…I have left the product slider disabled.

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I think I may have solved the issue, I used some of the WPML cleanup tools and tweaked some settings and it looks like page builder is operation again- fingers crossed…I will update you if I run into any further problems…

Same problem here: But I had to revert to the last backup before the WMPL update. Everything works fine now.

@Jessica: Which cleanup tools did you use? And which tweaks did you make? Thanks, Christoph

Hi Christoph,

I disabled this setting:

Browser language redirect

WPML can automatically redirect visitors according to browser language.

This feature uses Javascript. Make sure that your site doesn’t have JS errors.

  • Disable browser language redirect

and from the troubleshooting page (under support)

I cleared the cache, removed ghost enteries, fixed element-type collation, set language information, fixed terms counts and fixed post type assignment for translations. I also linked a woocommerce taxonomy.

I am not sure which one fixed it, I think perhaps it was the first browser language redirect, but I am not going to try and find out :wink:

Hope that helps you…

Hi Jessica, thanks for your reply. I will try all steps and keep you informed. Best Regards from Austria, Christoph

Hey Jessica,

Thanks for sharing the fix. Hopefully it doesn’t, but if it comes back, let us know and we can take another look. :slight_smile: