Page content missing (possibly / likely not a BB issue)

I just sent a huge prospect to my site only to learn that all pages other than my homepage displayed “A New WordPress Site Coming Soon!”

Host was able to restore the site in 5 minutes but the first impression with the mega prospect was blown.

Host stated “Permalink code was missing in .htaccess file” and blamed a plugin (couldn’t tell me which one).

I don’t know whether to believe the host’s explanation. I only use six plugins (BB, Loginizer, Really Simple SSL,, UpdraftPlus, and Yoast SEO), I use them across many sites, none of the other sites has been affected, and I can’t find any reports of these plugins causing this issue with other users.


  • Do you believe host’s explanation that it was a plugin issue?
  • If so, any idea which plugin?
  • Should I take host up on offer to “set the .htacess file to re readable form so that it won’t re write from any plugin”?

Thanks in advance for any input and advice!

Actually sounds like the host blew away your site accidentally if im honest.

Who is the host? Might be time to find someone more reliable.