Page content pulled up under header in multiple sites

This may be simple but I’ve searched for it online and here without success. My page content, including the default page heading, is being pulled up under the header when I create a new page. My initial fix was to add a bunch of top margin to the Heading element to push it down and out from under the header. You can see that I’m actually forced to recreate the Heading element with my own Heading module and that, when the page is live, the default heading and the native “Edit” button are hidden under the header. I am using Beaver Builder Pro, Beaver Themer, Beaver Theme and Child Theme and I feel like I’m missing something important and obvious because no one would want the first Row of their page covered by the header, ever, IMO. The site in question is I already applied a fix for mobile there based on an earlier conversation I found that “seemed” related but that doesn’t address my issues.
The 2nd site with this issue is This page I’ve reduced my kludgey work around down to 100px of top margin on the page heading but there are, of course, still issues with mobile.

Thanks in advance.

Maybe that in BB KB:

Thanks, Avanti, I will take a look at this as a possible explanation. I really hope that’s it.