Page Editing causing Database loop

So yesterday I was working on a new page using a premade theme from astras’ premium starter themes plugin…

I was getting a good ways into editing the page, and then the modules started having issues saving. So I reloaded the page. Upon reload I started experiencing 524 timeouts from cloudflare. Upon further investigation of my server resources, I noticed that the database was over 100% usage. I monitored the resource usage for awhile and the usage never dropped.
I contacted my hosting support, who checked it and told me a query was stuck. They killed the process, and optimized the DB, and the issue seemed to have stopped.
I went into the site, disabled some plugins, and went back to try to edit the page. Same thing occured again. 524 errors, and database overloaded from a query. They again killed the process for me.

I deleted the page I was editing and tried to create a new one from scratch, I got a good ways into editing the page, and it again started experiencing 524 errors. Checked the resource usage, and sure enough, the database usage was over 100%.
I installed query monitor to see if I could figure out which query it was specifically, but I don’t really understand what I’m looking at, so that’s doing me no good.

The issue only seems to start happening though while editing pages with BeaverBuilder.

Also, for some reason, I tried to submit a support ticket to BB for this, and received no confirmation email, and there’s no ticket showing in my ticket list. So I’m posting on here.

We got both of your tickets, both are in a queue.

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Ah Ok thank you, I only resubmitted because I didn’t see any kind of confirmation it was received.

They show up in your account now. Sometimes the form glitches out and they arrive from nobody

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