Page Loading Speed very slow

Hi there,

My website is loading very slow, a test on shows 16.5 sec while the page size is only 4mb. Can this have to do with BB plugin or what could be the cause for this?

Many thanks,

Hi Fabian,

I have attempted to load your site several times and each time, it fails to load. Are you experiencing hosting issues at the moment?

I also, ran a couple of tests on your site and found that your site is hosted on a server that has over 299 other websites not including your own. Therefore, I would say the performance issue with your site is related to your hosting (shared hosting). I recommend you contact your host and ask them for assistance.

I would also recommend you read this topic, which is a great discussion and has some useful tips.

All the best,

Ok thanks Danny, will get in touch with my hoster!

No problem, Fabian and keep us posted on what they say.


My host says there is everything ok with the server and it’s likely caused by a plugin. So I want to deactivate the one by one to see which one might be the cause.

If I deactivate BB plugin my page will not be displayed anymore right? What if I reactive it, will it still be there or do I need to make any backup? Please kindly let me know how I can proceed.

Thank you,

Hey Fabian,

Once you publish a page using BB, a stripped down of the layout will be transferred to the WP native editor. So you can still see your pages after deactivating the plugin, just without the BB styling.

The BB layout should still be there once you reactivate the plugin. But if you’re using a backup plugin, I’d suggest taking one before doing so just as a precaution. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben. I will look into this.

Have you ever had trouble with BB plugin in the past causing this kind of problems? Its really strange, its like when I visit my page after a while (a day or so or even after a couple of hours) for the first time its really slow (40-60sec), then after the first time it loads much quicker. Its like a plugin or something crashed…

Hey Fabian,

Actually, the BB plugin was built with simplicity and speed in mind so this shouldn’t be a problem. I haven’t really used the BB plugin personally on a live site before, and we rarely get inquiries such as this and it’s usually a problem with the host or some other plugin. Do let us know how it goes though so we can check if it’s in fact the BB plugin causing it. :slight_smile: