Page scrolling to top upon modal click

Hello, I’m glad to see the forums revived! This, along with the facebook group, are really great resources. I’ve had this nagging issue for a while on a site I’m working on and was about to bug the people at PowerPack but figured I’d take a shot here first.

I’ve got a PowerPack modal on a page set to be opened not on a button, icon, or image, but from a secondary menu item elsewhere on the page. It’s all set up the right way as far as linking and opening except when I open the modal, it jumps the page back to the very top. It only does this the first time a modal is opened on that page and then it functions as normal again.

Here is the link:

If you scroll down a little bit upon page load and then click either the “Schedule” or “FAQ” menu items (near the middle of the page) it will jump back up.

I’ve researched and seen various ways others have added overflow:hidden to their body tags but nothing like that seemed to work when I tried it. Thanks in advance for any help!

Looks fine here?



I swear I tested it just before doing this post and it’s been driving me crazy for weeks! PowerPack update from the other day must have been what fixed it as I did nothing.

Thanks for checking it for me, though!

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