Page tittle not showing in address bar

I recently started with beaver builder to try it out. When I began the theme comes with a title. Beaver builder would not let me change the tittle of the post. All it did was have this at beginning of page (not title).
this is what showed up in address bar.
so I went back to classic editor and put a tittle in. Then went back after saving it to beaver builder and opened the page and saved it in beaver builder.

The post on my page has the title now and the latest post widget has it listed. But when I click on the post it comes up with " site name/category/no tittle. " Why is the tittle not showing in address bar?

I am lost

I went back and created a new post using beaver build and again it comes up like this

you can see where beaver builder begins and again the no tittle is sitting there but with bb I cannot put anything in. I cannot make the no tittle get lost and I am not able to edit it with bb.

what to do?

Strange thing. When I experimented with the new post. I put the title in then saved and went back. Then hit edit and chose beave builder and said done and published it. The title show up. Go figure.

The last time I converted to beaver on the side area of the page and that must be the problem. I will try this again and get back.
But in the mean time if there is an easier way please let me know. TY in advance

I have solved the issue.