Pagebuilder reverting to previous version of page, not current layout

Hi Robby

I have another issue with Pagebuilder.

Have a look at the following website:

When trying to update the About Us page, the pagebuilder brings up an older version of the page, not the current page so I can’t update it.

Can you have a look into it.


Hi Robby, this is happening all over the site. I’ve just tried to update the page on Tim Franklin when I hit the pagebuilder button, it reverts to a previous version? Can you help with this?

Hi Robby, I tried something and it seemed to work.

I went into the pagebuilder, clicked the “discard draft” button and then it came up with the correct version.


Just wanted to let you know that every time I update a page, I save it and then when i go back into that page, it has reverted to back to a previous version in Pagebuilder.

I then have to open the page in pagebuilder, hit “discard draft” and close. Then when I go back in to pagebuilder for the second time, it brings up the correct version. This is the only way to get it to bring up the correct version in pagebuilder (hope I’m making sense). Basically each time a change is made, it doesn’t seem to make that change in Pagebuilder. Pagebuilder remembers an old version and the only way to clear it is the open it, “discard draft”, close then reopen again. A it long-winded.

Hello Kay!

We just released a large update last night that should be available to you. We think this update will take care of the issues you are having. Would you mind updating and reporting back to see if the issues still arise? Make sure to clear your cache after updating and looking forward to hearing how it goes!


Hi Billy, I updated the theme. Do I need to update Beaver Builder as well? It hasn’t come up with an update option on Wordpress? Or should I download the Plugin and upload it again.


Hi Kay,

Yes, the main release was an update to the plugin. You can just update it as you normally would and you should be good to go!


Ignore my email, I found the update and I’ve just updated it, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’ve updated the plugin which seems to be working but now my Facebook Feed isn’t working!! The plugin I’m using for the FB feed is called FB Widget.


Hi Kay! Are you still having trouble with the Facebook widget? I see it running on the homepage. Can you send me a link to the page where you’re having trouble?