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Some pages in my website are currently broken. It happened suddenly. I think a css file is not loading on the page. Seems the css file is dynamically generated.
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What I have done to fix it:
Most of the pages were broken initially. I remembered I has a previous staging site, I had to go to that staging site and manually copy the dynamically generated css for those pages and paste as additional css for each page in the live site. That worked. But I have some other pages needing fixes and I don’t have a backup for them as they are quite recent.
P.s: Going back to previous revision of the broken pages didn’t also work. Please help.

BB does not have a cache, it compiles the css/js for each layout when the page is loaded and stored in the uploads folder so the next person that visits the page those files do not have to be recompiled. If you then update the layout the files get deleted ready for the next person to come along and the files get regenerated. The issues come along when you start caching the pages on the server, you end up with 404s because the end user sees hard cached page and PHP does not know the files are missing. Looks like you are on siteground hosting, are you using their cache plugin? Its the only thing that can control their very aggressive caching

Sorry for the late reply.
Thank you so much for your response.
I think I understand you. So what you suggest that I can do right now?

I don’t think siteground has a cache plugin on the site. I think it’s an internal thing because from my siteground account I can clear the cache not really from a plug-in.

Im guessing this site was imported to siteground because their cache control plugin call siteground optimiser is installed by default on new sites, so you have either deleted it or the site is imported from another host. Go to plugins add new page and search for siteground and you will be able to install and configure their plugin.

Thanks. Let me try that now.

Hello, I have installed the plugin and configured it. Still no difference. Would you like to take a look at it from the backend to help?

Feel free to open a ticket.

Hello I can’t seem to create a ticket as I cannot find the link to create an account on the site. Seems it’s been hidden on purpose.

You get an account created when you purchase the plugin and support services. The contact page is not hidden, its at the bottom of every single page on the site. Select general enquiry though support may be limited if you have never purchased the plugin.

The thing is, my boss purchased the plugin a while ago. I am the web developer who maintains the website. I don’t have her login and she isn’t really reachable right now. Can I proceed to use the general enquiry?

Hello??? Please kindly help.

Is there a way on the plugin in wordpress to know which email was used to create the account?

No there is not. If you contact support they can see whos license is being used on your site and tell you who or what agency built the site and owns the license.

Thank you. I appreciate the support.

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