Pages Not full Width

EDITED FOR PROGRESS. I am creating a site, simple one page right now, using Genesis Framework/Dynamik Web Builder. I have installed the BB plugin and Dambuster. (I am told there is a full width Page Builder Template in the Page Attributes, as of the latest version of Dynamik. Mine does not have this. Just Default, Archive, Blog, and Landing choices for template. So I installed Dambuster.) However, it still seems the BB settings don’t do anything. I can get it to be full width with the Full Width setting under DymaniK the How in do I get the &#%)#)! BB templates to be full width.

  1. This is not a plugin issue.
  2. Just open the Home page editor or create any new page. No full width page builder template choice.
  3. Select any BB template after launching Page Builder, the BB width settings do nothing.
  4. Not a browser issue.
  5. Page:

[Content Hidden]

Okay. Stupid User Alert. My Dynamik was not updating properly. Uninstalled and reinstalled new version.

All is working with the Page Builder Template selected.

Hey Mary Cate,

Yes, the Page Builder template from Dynamik was just added I believe. Glad to hear you figured it out! And thanks for taking the time to inform us. :slight_smile: