Pagination issue with Archive when 2 Posts Modules are used

I have a situation where I’m using 2 Post Modules on a single Archive template. The first Post Module is set to show the newest post only (styled to be large) with no pagination. The second Post Module sits below and shows a grid of posts (offset by one, not showing the newest post) and has pagination enabled.

A normal second-page pagination URL for the Archive would be: /blog/page/2/. For my scenario with the second Post Module, I’m getting the second-page pagination URL as: /blog/paged-2/2/, and that gives a 404 error.

If I remove the first Post Module, pagination for the Archive works as expected.

Is it not possible to have more than one Post Module on a Beaver Themer Archive template? Or is there a workaround to make it work?

@TheFrameGuy did you find any solutions or workarounds to this? I found this issue yesterday and discovered your post with the exact same problem.

Just so anyone else comes across this issue…

I had this issue as well and it ended up just being 2 themer layouts pointed at the same location. This caused the post modules to 404 during the ajax event.

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