Parallax Background Position

Attempting to make sure that any images uploaded to a row as a parallax are set to

background-position: center bottom

I attempted to target the surounding div with

.fl-row. fl-row-full-width. fl-row-bg-parallax {
	background-position: center bottom !important;

and tried

.fl-row.fl-row-full-width.fl-row-bg-parallax {
	background-position: center bottom !important;

but not much luck. Any tips or is there something bout the module that would give me the ability to reposition the image when it’s set to parallax?


Hey Thomas,

In order to achieve the parallax effect we have to set the background-position property dynamically when the page is scrolled. You should be able to open Chrome’s dev tools to see that happening. If you want explicit control over the positioning you should use a standard background photo. I hope that helps!