parallax image load time lag

Really love the look of my new website using the BB theme. It’s a lot nicer than my prior site, which was professionally done.
One small issue I’d like to resolve is the lag time of the background image for the top of my About page:
It’s a parallax image setup, and the background image seems to come in slightly after the foreground images come in. When that happens, it takes away from the cool effect I’m trying to present to the viewer. I reduced the image size to 380kb, as I figured a large file size might slow it down, but it still lags behind the foreground images (which are actually larger at ~800kb each).
Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!

Hey John,

You might want to try bumping down the file size even more using the quality settings while saving for web in PS. That image is quite larger than the foreground pics which come in at around 80kb from what I can tell in the inspector. Hope that helps a bit. If it’s any consolation, they all loaded simultaneously for me to where I couldn’t tell there were foreground images so it could be internet connection related.


Just wanna chime in here, that I think John is merely describing that the redrawing of the background image’s new position, is slow. So the parallax effect isn’t smooth.

If understood correctly, I’m here to say +1 – I’ve in fact abandoned the parallax effect in Beaver Builder, because of the slow redrawing. Perhaps the js/css can be improved?

I tested this by deactivating cores of my CPU, and deactivating the GPU (using only intel graphics) and the less computing power, the slower the parallax bg images is redrawn.

But it’s still not scrolling smoothly when with full CPU and GPU resources available… At least not if the computer also has other tabs open, or not much idle RAM left.

So yeah, if the parallax code can be optimised, I hope you’ll consider doing so:)

Side note:
Consider adding a translate effect (text overlay fading to 0% opacity when scrolling). Neat, and it requires less computer power than parallax, and as such loads/scrolls much faster:)

Hey Oliver,

That would be controlled by the Speed setting on the Parallax background. Are the settings not sufficient? You may want to add a feature request and we may be able to improve that. I see it as something that can be easily done but I could be wrong.

Same can be said with the translate effect. You can add that in as a feature request. That’s where the guys check for new stuff to implement. :slight_smile:


Thanks to all for the helpful feedback. Both in helping me improve my website, as well as BB. I’ve reduced the image sizes for both the Parallax background, as well as the foreground images. I’ll see how that goes before I try to make any additional changes.
Regards, John

Hey John,

Thanks for the follow up. :slight_smile: Let us know if you need anything further!